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Our mission, as a co-educational Modern Orthodox high school, is to create an environment conducive to the intellectual and emotional growth of each student and to afford him or her the opportunities necessary for self-actualization. We are dedicated to a path of excellence in education, emphasizing high ethical standards, a commitment to Chesed, and a love for Medinat Yisrael. We seek to inspire Bnei and Bnot Torah to become contributing members of society.

Our goal is to prepare our students with life-long learning skills necessary to continue their education after graduation at various Yeshivot, seminaries, and universities.

Our philosophy is based on four basic values: Torah u’Maddah, Derech Eretz, Community Service, and the Centrality of Medinat Yisrael.

  1. Torah u’Maddah seek to bring a synthesis of Torah Studies and General Studies.
  2. Derech Eretz focuses on educating the whole child, with emphasis on moral sensitivity and human decency, which must permeate the culture of our school.
  3. Community Service enables every student to feel a sense of responsibility for others.
  4. Centrality of Medinat Yisrael strives to make Israel an integral part of the Jewish persona.

Ida Crown encourages everyone to fulfill their potential. The teachers and administration are flexible and help students to follow their passions.”

–Noah Fensterheim ’23, currently studying at Mevaseret in Israel, then heading to MIT

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